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Your Partner for Biomethane Solutions

Injection stations and transportation solutions

  • Inlet check of gas parameters
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Balancing of calorific value
  • Business and operation measurements
  • Injection of biomethane into gas grid

Conversion of biogas to biomethane

  • Processing of raw biomethane
  • State-of-art membrane technology

Services and complete solutions

  • Technology consulting
  • Financial and grant consulting
  • Feasibility case studies
  • Design and development
  • Engineering
  • Technology delivery

HUTIRA green gas s.r.o. is a young company building on tradition, dedication and quality of the HUTIRA Company brand, which has become one of the leading players on the gas market with 30 years of experience. We provide complete technical solutions that are environment-friendly and create another source of renewable energy.


years of HUTIRA experience in the gas industry

A stable and experienced company, which has been a major supplier for leading Czech and Slovak gas companies. Hundreds of successful projects on 4 continents.


delivered gas regulators and measuring devices

During HUTIRA brand existence, we have supplied more over a thousand gas regulators and measuring devices to customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.


implemented projects featuring the CARBOREX technology worldwide

We are partners of the best companies in the gas industry.

Complete solutions

We offer complete solutions for biogas station owners and municipalities that operate wastewater treatment plants

  • Technology consulting
  • Financial and grant consulting
  • Feasibility case studies
  • Design and engineering
  • Technology delivery
  • Realization of buildings
  • Commissioning
  • Certification
  • Biomethane purchase
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Conversion of biogas to biomethane

  • Separated COcontains less than 0.5 %
  • Multi-stage Carborex®MS technology guarantees methane content of at least 98 %
  • Low electricity consumption per unit of incoming gas
  • Fine-tuned integration of both hardware and software thanks to 113 installation worldwide
  • “Plug and play” system with complete out-of-box solution integrated into container unit. Simple installation and quick commissioning.
  • Modular system architecture supports installations with tens to thousands cubic meters of biogas per hour.

Injection into the gas grid

Transport of gas or filling the Bio CNG and Bio LNG tanks

  • Adjusts pressure parameters (compression, regulation).
  • Eliminates extra humidity (drying).
  • Adjusts combustion heat value (propanation).
  • Adds odorant (odorization).
  • Prevents injection of low-quality biomethane.
  • Measures volume of biomethane for reporting and invoicing purposes.
  • Monitors local/remote operation statuses and archives measured values.
  • Communicates with gas distribution grid dispatcher / communicates with control system of CNG or LNG production.
  • Communicates with control system of biogas station and biogas treatment plant.

A new trend in the field of biogas plants is the conversion from combined heat and power generation to biomethane production

Renewable energy source.

Environment-friendly fuel for transportation.

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Replaces fossil fuels.

Better storage options than electricity/heat.