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In mid-June, the ceremonial opening of the biogas station in Vyškov took place. We are pleased that we could actively participate in this important project by supplying technology for measuring, analyzing, and compressing biogas into the high-pressure gas pipeline.

Energy Financial Group (EFG) launched biogas production at the EFG Vyškov BPS biogas station. It is one of the few facilities in the Czech Republic processing biodegradable waste into the mentioned low-emission gas, electricity, and thermal energy. Thanks to extensive modernization, the station will be able to process 30,000 tons of waste annually and produce a full-fledged substitute for natural gas.

HUTIRA became a partner in this modernization and provided the measuring, analyzing, and biogas compression unit technology for the high-pressure gas pipeline. This technology will play an indispensable role in the production and distribution of biogas, ensuring its seamless delivery in the required quality to the distribution network.

The modernization of the EFG Vyškov BPS station also includes expanding the waste receiving hall with new waste sorting and separation technology, constructing new storage tanks and gas holders, and expanding the administrative facilities. Through this project, the EFG Vyškov BPS biogas station will become a modern and efficient facility for biogas production, playing a crucial role in achieving the energy independence of the Czech Republic and combating climate change.

We are proud to be part of another important project contributing to building a more sustainable future.

Photo source: Největší bioplynová stanice na Jižní Moravě EFG Vyškov BPS zahajuje výrobu biometanu | EFG (