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The idea for the “BioCNG for cities” pilot project was initiated in the Institute of Circular Economics. The Brnenske vodarny a kanalizace, a.s. Company provided its wastewater treatment plant in Modrice for the pilot project. There, biogas was received from wastewater sludge processing. The Dopravni podnik mesta Brna, a.s. Company provided a city line bus for extensive CNG drive testing. Czech research company MemBrain s.r.o. provided a special unit for biogas-to-natural gas cleaning process with a unique membrane technology. The HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o. Company implemented a connection of BIO CNG filling station to gas distribution grid in the BVaK wastewater treatment plant in Modrice. A connection to the existing piping was established including a blower and a stainless-steel bellows connection to BIO CNG technology in the container. Our responsibilities included pressure test, initial revision, and commissioning. We at HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o. Company are glad we could take part in this remarkable project.

 Alternative energy use of biogas surely has a great potential for the future. Our company closely follows the latest trends and contributes to development of usable technology. Thanks to 30 years of experience in the gas industry, we can offer a complete solution for biogas-to-biomethane purification, injection into the gas distribution grid or bottling. We have been using sources of information from all over the world, especially from the most developed countries with the most advanced technology base. We have been choosing reliable and experienced partners including leaders in the industry, such as Emerson and DMT Environmental Technology.

Connection of the BIO CNG filling station to gas distribution grid in the BVaK (Sewer & Waterworks Operator, Brno city) | HUTIRA green gas