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Given the dynamic situation in the energy market and the increasing utilization of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power plants, whose production varies throughout the day and seasons, it is essential to ensure reliable backup and stable energy supply to the transmission system. This is crucial to prevent emergencies and blackouts.

One effective solution is the installation of a gas power plant (cogeneration unit or gas turbine) as backup, which responds to fluctuations in renewable energy output and helps stabilize the distribution grid.

HUTIRA offers a comprehensive solution of the gas part for gas power plants providing ancillary services for power balance (SVR):

  • Preparation of project documentation: We will provide detailed project documentation for seamless integration of the gas part into the overall power plant project.
  • Mid-pressure or high-pressure gas connection realization: We ensure smooth and safe installation of the gas connection according to the required parameters and standards.
  • Supply of regulation station and commercial metering: We deliver and install the appropriate regulation station for monitoring and controlling gas pressure and flow, including commercial metering for accurate consumption monitoring.
  • Gas pipeline distribution to power plant/gas generating facility technologies: We ensure professional installation of the gas pipeline from the regulation station to the technological equipment of the power plant/gas generating facility.

One of such projects was the delivery of the gas part for ancillary services for power balance in Pohořelice, implemented by us.

Photo: Delivery of the gas part for the purposes of SVR.