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As part of the power grid balancing service project, we solved the complete supply of the gas part for the 999kW CHP unit.

The family company AG MAIWALD a.s., based in Pohořelice, has been involved in agriculture for over two decades and approaches its business and land management with a sense of great responsibility and a desire for continuous improvement. The business is dedicated to continuous innovation, new technologies and development projects. This is where we were able to offer our “helping hand”.

The company needed to resolve the complete supply of the gas part to the newly established technologies within the framework of the power grid balancing service project. Their original supplier could not provide the gas part. “This threatened to significantly delay the entire project or stop it completely,” says Ing. Miloš Blažek from AG MAIWALD.

Thanks to our intensive cooperation on other projects, we quickly agreed on the terms and conditions so that we could implement these technologies in the shortest possible time. The project was thus not jeopardized and could continue its implementation.

What was the scope of our delivery?

  • STL gas pipeline connection
  • Gas meter assembly including cabinet
  • STL gas pipeline distribution
  • Control line including cabinet

The production of the control line and the gas meter assembly went without complications, as did the installation of the medium pressure connection to the GasNet pipeline and the construction of the on-site distribution system. It remained to complete the administrative process and ensure that the connection and the gas meter were put into operation. We were helpful in this as well.

Less than 2 months elapsed from the request to the handover of the work.

“I am very pleased that we were able to help our customer as part of a broader cooperation and I believe that we will implement further joint projects to our mutual satisfaction,” said Monika Zitterbartová, CEO of HUTIRA green gas.