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Renewable sources (RES), as well as an ecological approach, are part of the HUTIRA brand philosophy. We therefore keep an eye on trends that can contribute to the circular economy and the development of RES. We are promoters and manufacturers of technological solutions for both ecological and energy-efficient water management and for the natural gas alternative, manufacturing and supplying technologies for biomethane production. However, it is not always easy to promote these new trends and technologies. We are supported in this by close cooperation with the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources, which we are a member of and which has now celebrated 10 years since its foundation. We wish the Chamber every success in its future activities, which are aimed primarily at developing, accelerating and simplifying the process of implementing the construction of renewable energy sources.

In line with its principles, the HUTIRA brand strives for maximum self-sufficiency and renewability. We see the future mainly in the use of biomethane and hydrogen. Our regular partner in this field is the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources. It has been promoting the sustainable use of renewable energy sources for 10 years and has also provided opportunities for discussion on this topic, always with the participation of a wide range of experts, both at national and European level. We are therefore actively involved in the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources.


HUTIRA is unique in its approach. They were one of the first to really get serious about the sustainability of their business, and I also appreciate that they have in-house development and produce high value-added products. They think about the context and try to implement innovative solutions in their technologies and products. They are among the first to implement biomethane projects, reflect on the need to manage water and focus on water treatment and recycling technologies. They are also responding to current market needs, for example by developing the energy division, for which they expand their portfolio to include heat pumps, batteries, inverters and photovoltaic panels. Such partners are where we see the meaning of our cooperation. We are happy to support their activities so that such projects can be greenlit,” says Štěpán Chalupa, Chairman of the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources.


The celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources on 20 September was attended by people from the energy sector, business, as well as representatives of the state administration, parliament, partner associations and others. “Together with colleagues working in the renewable energy sector, we discussed current trends in this sector and we also came across the topic of LEX Renewable Sources, which was initiated by the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources. The main objective of this amendment to the Energy and Building Act is to speed up and simplify the construction of renewable energy sources,” says Monika Zitterbartová, Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas, who was among the invited guests at this important event.

The Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources also represents the renewable energy sector in negotiations with the state administration: it is actively involved in the preparation and modification of legislation and subsidy programmes related to the use of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic. It provides support to its members to facilitate the implementation of their plans and goals.

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