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We discussed sustainable solutions, the latest technologies and innovations in the field of biomethane and hydrogen production and its subsequent use. We also presented our entire other gas and water portfolio.


The Korean delegation primarily represented by Dong-A Fuelcell and S-Fuelcell, the leading hydrogen fuel cell development and manufacturing companies, visited our company in Popůvky on 8 February and toured the entire facility, including production and storage areas. The tour and presentations to our distinguished guests were prepared by Monika Zitterbartová, Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas, and Radek Kundrata, authorised representative of HUTIRA.


Not only gas, but also water and energy were topics that we presented to and discussed with our Korean colleagues. In particular, the biomethane plant project in Litomyšl, which we successfully completed last year, aroused great interest. “Biomethane, like hydrogen, is an important source of renewable energy that is also favoured by European policies. The RePowerEU plan aims to produce 35 billion cubic metres of biomethane by 2030, making it one of the main alternative energy sources. The European Union can set an example,” says Monika Zitterbartová.

Top Korean scientists visited Popůvky


A consortium of Korean companies visited the Czech Republic at the invitation of the Engineering Testing Institute (SZU). In addition to Korean fuel cell manufacturers, experts from the Korea Institute of Energy Research, Dongguk University and Kyungpook National University, among others, participated in the meeting. “An integral part of all the meetings with the Korean companies was also a meeting with the Czech company HUTIRA, which we arranged for our Korean partners through our long-standing partner RHK Brno. HUTIRA is a dynamic company that can contribute with its expertise to the development of sustainable solutions not only in the gas industry. Moreover, it is one of our major clients, for whom we assess the conformity of its products and certify them in accordance with European legislation,” says Michal Dvořáček from SZU.


It was a pleasure to have such interesting partners with us and we believe that this event can help future cooperation between Czech and Korean companies in the gas and hydrogen sector. We would also like to thank Mr Michal Dvořáček from SZU – International Cooperation, who initiated this meeting, and Mr Chan Choi, representative of the Korean partner SZU Korea, who was also personally present and provided, among other things, interpreting services.