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Our customers can rely on our high-quality subsequent servicing throughout both the warranty and post-warranty periods, ensuring they have a trustworthy and reliable partner by their side

We realise that not only delivery of biomethane production technology, but also subsequent provision of high-quality services throughout both the warranty and post-warranty periods plays an important role in the decision-making process for customers when choosing a partner for these projects. This is why we have expanded our expertise within the HUTIRA service teams with even more certified experts in servicing of biomethane compressor injection units.

Within the biomethane division, our experts have been cooperating over the long term with several suppliers of compressor equipment, which is an integral component of the technological set-up for HUTIRA injection units. A high-quality and professionally trained team with the ability to communicate quickly is an important part of the services we provide to the customer. Thanks to bolstering of our service centres, we can now offer even more comprehensive services within the gas industry, including these innovative technologies. “Given the growing importance of biomethane itself within the energy and industrial sectors, we see this as a very important step,” said Monika Zitterbartová, CEO of HUTIRA green gas.

The fact that we are certified by the German company FAS to carry out maintenance of CORKEN compressor units is proof of the quality of services provided by our service experts. “Provision of high-quality servicing to our clients is a top priority for us, as is ensuring the availability of these services. We have our own regional service centres, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia. Our services are available to customers in various locations including Karlovy Vary, Pardubice, Prague, Brno and the Slovak town of Handlová,” said Pavel Novák, Head of Service at HUTIRA. Our extensive network of service centres enables us to promptly address our customers’ needs and, if necessary, initiate service work within hours of receiving the investor’s request.

Apart from biomethane technologies, our experts have of course also been providing operational inspections, warranty and post-warranty servicing of gas pressure regulators within the standard gas industry for a long time now. We provide maintenance and repair of regulation equipment, replacement of worn parts, checks on the functionality, settings and tightness of safety features or testing of devices on a test bench at company headquarters. “Our service technicians are called out to almost three thousand jobs over the course of the calendar year,” said Pavel Novák, in conclusion.