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HUTIRA green gas was involved in the supply of technology for a compressed natural gas filling station for motor vehicles. The contract for innogy Energo, the operator of the largest network of CNG filling stations in the Czech Republic, consisted of custody transfer metering, which is now used by both old and new CNG station technology. HUTIRA green gas therefore used its many years of experience in the gas industry and designed a tailor-made solution for the customer.


The consumption of compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas with added bio-component (BioCNG) in the Czech Republic increased by 4.5 percent to a record 97.1 million cubic metres last year, compared to the previous year. Along with the growing consumption of natural gas in transport, the number of public CNG stations is also increasing. HUTIRA green gas participated in the expansion of the technology of one of these stations on Hviezdoslavova Street in the Slatina district in Brno. “The project consisted in the implementation of custody transfer, provision of a medium-pressure gas pipeline, a custody transfer shelter and connection of the existing and new filling station technology to the existing natural gas connection,” says Dušan Matúška, Technical Sales Manager of HUTIRA green gas.


A unique solution in a short time


In order to ensure that customers would be affected by the downtime of CNG technology from innogy Energo, the largest operator of CNG filling stations in the Czech Republic, as little as possible, HUTIRA green gas completed the job in a record time. “The filling station is very significantly used by clients and we could not afford a longer interruption of operation,” explains Martin Doubek, Project Manager of innogy Energo. With regard to the short period of the CNG station downtime, it was necessary to have all parts of the measuring series and the gas pipeline ready so that the actual reconnection and shutdown of the existing technology could be carried out within the required time frame. “Thanks to excellent planning, the installation was carried out without complications, deadlines were met and the refurbishment was completed on time and to the required quality standard. Thanks to the HUTIRA employees for that,” adds Mr Doubek.


Compared to ordinary installations, the Brno one was unique in that it was carried out together with the extension with a second technology. It was therefore necessary to reconnect not only the existing but also the new technology to the natural gas connection. The site layout was non-standard as for the location of the technology and the course of the entire implementation, as it was necessary to respect the original custody transfer metering and piping of the original CNG technology.


In addition, the metering shelter, including the entrance gate, has been sized to allow easy and safe installation and dismantling of the gas meter in the future. HUTIRA green gas installed the gas meter and commissioned it in accordance with the applicable standards.


Tailor-made solutions are routinely provided for our customers. Our 30 years of experience in the gas industry, gas regulation and measuring series is a guarantee of quality and reliability for our customers. “We are glad that the customer was also satisfied with this job and gave us a positive reference,” concludes Matúška.